Learn more in details: How a pool works (2)


A. Filtration equipment

The filtration system is one of the most important components of a pool. It is the main way of cleaning the water as it removes impurities and makes the water suitable for swimming.

1 Filter

The filter is one of the essential components for a pool to work properly. There are different types of filters: sand filters (the most popular as they require little maintenance), cartridge filters (the cartridges have to be replaced once a year) and diatomaceous filters (the most expensive, as their high performance filtration system even removes dirt not visible to the naked eye).

2 Pump

Pump‘s power will depend on the size of the pool and amount of water that has to go through the filtration system. A pump’s casing fills with water to create a vacuum, which allows the water to flow through it.

3 Selector Valve

Selector valves can be set to various positions depending on the functions in the water circuit to be run: backwashing, rinsing, circulation, filtration, draining and closed. They are extremely easy to use as they just have be set to the desired function to work.

4 Hydrospin

A hydrocyclone prefilter designed to save water in backwashing filters and lengthen the time between their maintenance. It is fitted between the pump and the filter, and saves 50% of the water required for filter backwashing.

B. Pool vasin equipment

The pool shell is the structure that contains the water. It can be made of concrete, be a liner or prefabricated, which will determine the types of accessories to be fitted to the pool shell.

5 Skimmer

Skimmers form part of the pool water’s suction cycle. Their main purpose is to draw the water from the surface of the pool, but they also serve as dispensers of any chemical products placed in the skimmer basket.

6 Level regulator

The level regulator is responsible for detecting any drops in the pool’s water level and automatically adding the water needed to top it up through its inlet valve.

7 Return inlets

They return water that has been filtered to the pool. They are placed opposite the skimmer to ensure that all of the pool’s water is filtered. The number of inlets to be installed will depend on the pool’s volume.

8 Projectors

Projectors serve to light up your pool. In addition to halogen bulbs, LED projectors are now available that will enable you to light up your pool much more efficiently as they have a useful life of 100,000 in comparison to the 1,000 hours of halogen bulbs and they consume 90% less power.

C. Cleaning

Pools need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they are in a perfect state of repair. Pool cleaners are currently available that will enable you to effortlessly clean your pool in less time than ever before.

9 Automatic Pool Cleaners

Depending on the model, automatic pool cleaners will remove dirt from a pool’s bottom, walls and water line. Pool cleaners with program settings run off the power supply and normally have several cleaning cycles.

D. Poolside equipment

Some of the features around your pool not only have a functional purpose but also add value in terms of design and quality.

10 Ladder

Ladders enable people to get into and out of the water. There are models of ladders for all types of pools, whether in-ground or above-ground, as well as ladders for the disabled with special finishes and handrails that can be adapted to fit the number of steps the pool has.

11 Shower

There is a wide range of poolside showers. In addition to conventional showers, there are now also solar showers that make huge savings on energy. They are available with different shower heads, taps and designs that adapt to any pool.

E. Dosage and regulation

In this section of pool accessories, you will find all of the components needed for dosing and controlling chemical products.

12 Control panel

The control panel manages the level of the compensation tank.

13 Chlorine dispensers

Thanks to chlorine dispensers, it is no longer necessary to check chlorine and pH levels every day. They release the amount of product required to keep these levels right as they have built-in measuring devices that test the water and only discharge chlorine when necessary.

F. Heating

Heating your pool will enable you to enjoy it for longer by increasing the water’s temperature by a few degrees.

14 Heat pump

Heat pumps are the cheapest way of heating pool water, as they take advantage of the free calories in the air and distribute the heat throughout your pool.

G. Security

The safety features will help you prevent accidents when your are using your pool.

15 Automatic covers

In addition to making big savings on water and maintenance, covers are an important safety feature as their slats are able to withstand the weight of several people, as well as stopping children and pets from falling into the water when the pool is not in use.

16 Safety barrier

A safety barrier will prevent small children from getting into your pool. AstralPool’s safety barriers are at least 1.10 m high and comply with the French standard NF P-90-306.



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