Learn more in details: How a pool works (1)

The main difference between pools is the basin.  These can be above ground, sit in a hole dug in the ground or even float! The drains usually sit at the lowest part of the pool and most sinking dirt and debris leave the pool here.  Some pools also have drains near the surface which skim off floating debris such as oils and leaves (in outdoor pools).


Whether you have an inground pool or above ground pool, all pools essentially work the same:

  • There’s a pool body with an interior surface of vinyl, plaster, tile, fiberglass or a combination of these materials.

  • Pool Water is drawn into the filter system (blue lines) from the skimmer & main drain (if equipped).

  • Water comes into the filter system thru the 3-way valve (if equipped) & into the pump / motor.

  • Water travels into the filter (either Sand, DE or Cartridge) where fine dirt & debris are removed.

  • After the filter, the clean or cleaner, filtered water goes thru the heater (if equipped).

  • Filtered & heated (not all pools) water returns to the pool (red lines) thru the return inlets.


Filtration equipment

1 Filter
2 Pump
3 Selectore Valve
4 Hydrospin

Pool vasin equipment

5 Skimmer
6 Level regulator
7 Return inlets
8 Projectors


9 Automatic Pool Cleaners

Poolside equipment

10 Ladder
11 Shower

Dosage and regulation

12 Control panel
13 Chlorine dispensers


14 Heat pump


15 Automatic covers
16 Safety barrier

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Learn more in details: How a pool works (2)



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